Subject                                                                   Approximate Page Number
                         Identification List                                                                                           1
                        The Shooting Scene, Weiss Inquest Testimony                                            2
                        Huey’s Cut Lip                                                                                               4
                        Identification Of Weiss                                                                                   4
                        Huey’s Wound                                                                                               5
                        How Many Bullets Hit Huey ?                                                                        6
                        Motive                                                                                                            7
                                   Perceptions Of Huey                                                                          7
                                   Perceptions Of Weiss                                                                         7
                                   The Miscegenation Claim                                                                  8
                         Planning The Attack                                                                                    9
                         Why Was The Car Moved ?                                                                        9
                         The Non - Matching Slugs                                                                         10
                         Conclusion                                                                                                 12

                         First Addendum - Origin Of The Deposit Box Slug                                    12

                         Second Addendum - Serial Number Of The Weiss Pistol, etc.                  12

                         Third Addendum - Donation Of The Weiss Pistol                                      13
                         Fourth Addendum  - The  Alleged Frame Up                                             14

       About The Author                                                                          15   
                                                                       Index Page      

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